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  Christ Crucified - The Key to Unlocking God's Power in Your Life God did not send the Son to condemn the world.
  Why We Need to Talk about Sin - Hard Sayings of Jesus Being Strategic in Our Response to Temptation
  Being Foolish ...  Becoming Wise - Guidelines for Discerning God's Voice The 'Much More' of the Christian Life
  Our Basis for Confidence in the Christian Message Awake Sleeper and Christ Will Shine on You!
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Jesus, The One Who Calls the Dead into Life Baptism - Our Response to the Good News No Second Class Citizens in God's Kingdom - A Pentecost Sermonn
How Jesus Could Do What He Did Taste and See - An experiential  basis for faith The Trinity - A Glimpse into the Inner Life of God
This changes everything! An Easter Message The Abundant Life the Good Shepherd Brings Righteous by Faith - The Example of Abraham and Sarah
Easter means that God wants us to live flourishing lives. Eternal Life - God's Invitation to You A Key to Being Free - Reckon Yourself Dead unto Sin
Easter means that we live in a sacramental universe.
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A Key to Christian Living - Do Not Allow Sin to Rule in Your Body God's long range goal is to have mercy on all.  
The Role of the Law in the Ongoing Tension in the Life of Faith Walk on Water  
Two Great Truths of the Christian Life - Romans 8;1-11 Reverend Oz Lorentzen, August 21, 2016  
The Dilemma of Being Saved in Hope - Romans 8    
God for Us! The Gospel According to Paul    

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