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What's in the Name Jesus Christ Crucified - The Key to Unlocking God's Power in Your Life God did not send the Son to condemn the world.
A Beautiful Portrait of the Messiah - A Sermon on the Baptism of Christ Why We Need to Talk about Sin - Hard Sayings of Jesus Being Strategic in Our Response to Temptation
A Light is Shone in the Darkness - An Epiphany Sermon on Repentance Being Foolish ...  Becoming Wise - Guidelines for Discerning God's Voice The 'Much More' of the Christian Life
Blessed are the poor in spirit - Jesus' teaching on the nature of the universe Our Basis for Confidence in the Christian Message Awake Sleeper and Christ Will Shine on You!
April May June
Jesus, The One Who Calls the Dead into Life Rev. Oz Lorentzen May 1, 2016 Reverend Oz Lorentzen, June 5, 2016
How Jesus Could Do What He Did The Rev. Canon James Robinson, May 4th,2016
Induction of Rev. Oz Lorentzen
Reverend Oz Lorentzen, June 12, 2016
This changes everything! An Easter Message Rev Oz Lorentzen May 8, 2016  Reverend Oz Lorentzen, June 19, 2016
The Rev. Canon Gene Packwood Apr. 24, 2016 The Reverend Oz Lorentzen - May 15, 2016 Reverend Oz Lorentzen, June 26, 2016
The Reverend Oz Lorentzen - May 22, 2016
The Reverend Oz Lorentzen - May 29, 2016
July August September
Reverend Oz Lorentzen - July 3, 2016 Lynne Windjack Counting The Cost: Jesus on Discipleship
Reverend Oz Lorentzen - July 10, 2016 The Reverend  Oz Lorentzen - August 14, 2016 God's Purpose Jesus on discipleship  
Reverend Oz Lorentzen, July 17, 2016 Reverend Oz Lorentzen, August 21, 2016 A Basic of Spiritual Growth Being faithful in the little things
Reverend Oz Lorentzen, July 24, 2016   Godliness with Contentment Is a Great Gain
Reverend Oz Lorentzen, July 31, 2016    

November December
Faith and Forgiveness Haggai: A Message for Today? Abounding in Hope: An Advent Sermon
Our Reasons for Thanksgiving Jesus' Teachings on the Endtimes Understanding the Angels' Message: A Christmas Sermon (5:30)
Prayer - Why We Don't, Why We Should The King on the Cross: Feast of Christ the King Understanding the Angels' Message: A Christmas Sermon (11:00)
Prayer - Meeting God on His Own Terms Jesus is Coming! An Advent Sermon The Astounding Good News of Christmas
Habakkkuk - A Message for our Times