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How to be a champion part attitude part natural ability and part hard work living your life like a champion is possible in all walks of life whether youre an athlete academic or air traffic controller with a little effort you canwho is a champion before i go any further let me define the meaning of a champion as per various dictionaries a champion is someone who has won first place in a competitioncontest however that is not necessary because a champion can also be someone who fights for or supports a cause or personi enjoyed how to be champion i like sarah millicans stand up and this too is funny of course human and thoughtful it may be worth beginning with a warning that there is a lot of very frank and intimate talk about sex and bodily functions of all kinds often using what the tv continuity people would warn us is very strong languagehow to be a champion in the game of life i remember getting trophies and medals for sports i played when i was a young kid frankly my teams never got first place but we still were given a trophy for our effort it felt great to get a trophy even though we werent the true champion too bad society isnt so considerate of our self how to be champion my autobiography sarah millican on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers sarah millicans autobiography will make you laugh feel normal and probably sniff your leggings part autobiography

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